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Software, microphone preamps, signal processors, digital audio interfaces, mixers, and control surfaces. QSC Audio Products, LLC is a leading manufacturer of power amplifiers, loudspeakers, signal processing, digital signal transport, and computer control systems for professional audio markets worldwide.

Symetrix is dedicated to making life sound better.  As a world leader in the development and manufacturing of digital audio signal processing (DSP) systems and canonicalWhirlwind USA is a manufacturer of electrical equipment used by musicians. Its headquarters are located in Rochester, New York.

THE FARM is a Professional Manufacturers’ Representative Firm, Specializing in High Quality  Professional and Commercial Audio, Video, and Musical Instrument Products.

We only select the best in class for each piece of the Pro AV and System Puzzle, and, only the best for each component. In order to stay experts and provide focused service we do not dilute it with mass selection and we stick to the best in class!

  • Solution Consulting – Our manufactures sponsor us to educate everyone in the territories that we represent for them about their products and how they can be of service to you.
  • Product Demonstration – Would you like to try out the product before you make an expensive purchase and guarantee it is the right fit for your project?
  • Needs Assessments – Save yourself THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS in lost time and damages with broken gear or new gear you don’t know how to work.
We represent…
  • Designers and manufacturers of high-performance products
  • Leading and most trusted providers of high quality professional systems worldwide
  • Pioneers in ground-breaking solutions
  • Award-winning

Backed by dedicated people that pour their passions into offering top-quality, user-friendly products. We enable our customers to optimize productivity and business efficiency.

Why People like to do Business with Us 
Our customers appreciate how hard we work for them. They know we are always looking out for them. They trust us for our honesty, integrity, and sincere value for their time. While enjoying our companies cultural heritage of being easy going, our clients also enjoy knowing they are being taken care of, with quick response times and attentiveness to their needs.

How we are Unique
The relationships we have with our customers are what make us unique. Our customers are our friends and we treat them as such. We understand the history and dynamics of providing a refreshing experience for our friends. You will find us hanging out with our customers even in our off time. Our relationships are strong and they grow with us.

What is interesting about Us & Our Organization?
The culture of our organization encourages relationships and exchanging knowledge, while dynamically crafting our skills and experience at the forefront of global technology. Fearless exchange of goofiness makes our teams professional relationships effortless.  We love the people we work with, we love our jobs, and we love providing real world solutions that work for the needs of our customers.

We are Committed to Providing Excellent User Experiences from Beginning to End!

DISCLAIMER*THE FARM will not try to sell you anything. THE FARM just wants to bring stuff by and let you mess with it at YOUR facility. THE FARM doesn’t even have a way to take money. THE FARM only wants to be an evangelist for our products. Side effects from using THE FARM may be but are not limited to the following:  Increased knowledge of AV products, new ideas for your venue, excitement about the possibilities, direct hook-up discounts from the factory, input on future products from FARM vendors, streamlined deployment of music and AV systems, networked AV capabilities, fun. If these symptoms persist for over four hours, contact YOUR FARM Representative immediately as this is completely normal.  Do not stop using THE FARM unless told by your FARM representative. THE FARM may cause weight loss, weight gain, weight stabilization.  It is ok to drink alcohol when using THE FARM.  Check with your Farm-assist before using THE FARM with other AV products.


We REPRESENT a group of global technology companies devoted to the design, manufacture, marketing, and distribution of problem-solving audio, video equipment and one of the largest distributors of musical instruments and accessories in North America. They are committed to being the easiest companies to do business with… that’s why they have us representing them!


Representing Audio, Visual, Musical Instrument products in Washington, Oregon, Northern California, Northern Nevada, Western Idaho, Western Montana, Alaska and Hawaii.