Seamless event planning with a bountiful toolbox of resources to make any event an enriching experience. 

Why browse a thousand web pages about technology when faced with giant decisions for your clients? All the words and images and video clips don’t ever tell the entire story.

These days, how can an IT/AV pro know which products will work together for their project? You can’t go to a trade show; you can’t even go to a local AV marketing event: those are shut down, too. How can you pick a group of components and be confident that they will work right together?

Call The Farm. Farm2Function will create a working example system for your project and show up to demonstrate it at your event for you and your customers. We’ll even get you CE credits while we do it.

You get the demo. You get the NUANCE, and you find out about the gotchas before you are at the client site with your screwdriver in one hand, laptop in the other, and cell phone between your knees.

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