FarmAssist creates tight, effective audio and control programs and clean and understandable touch screen menus.

Control system and audio DSP programming, system-wide commissioning and event support services performed at the wholesale level, focused on the brands represented by The Farm.

We can program and commission systems remotely or on-site for your projects like we do for clients from Fortune 10 companies to local school districts every day. We aren’t afraid of complex programming jobs, but we keep the simple ones simple.


FarmAssist just got better! Impossible, right? WRONG! Click below to visit the NEW FarmAssist Help Desk!

We are not so crazy busy that we don’t have time to talk to you.  We totally do. But this allows us to get your specific issue into a searchable database where your associates might not have to endure talking to us the next time they hit the same snag.  So please, start a support ticket if you need some help.