The Lawsuit-Clear, One

Did you know Audio-Technica has a commercial AV division? Yes, they’re known for creating the first truly affordable high-quality phono cartridge, but they’ve come a long way since 1962. Over the decades they’ve expanded the famous high-quality consumer products into the professional market. They now have a line of professional microphones, headphones, wired and wireless systems, and electronic products designed and manufactured for commercial environments.

At The Farm we’re most excited about the new ceiling array microphone – the ATND1061. We know. There are a lot of beamforming ceiling mic arrays, however there are some really compelling reasons why this one is better. 

Why we like the ATND1061 Ceiling Mic Array:

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  • The audio quality is and always will be highly respected.

    If they’re good enough for the GRAMMY® Awards and the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremonies, they’re good enough for a conference space, training facility or classroom.

  • The physical footprint is small.

    It offers a low-profile form factor – 8.98” x 8.98” x 1.19” – roughly the size of a wireless access point.

  • Its industrial design is versatile.

    Unlike other ceiling mic arrays on the market, it’s not limited to 2x2 drop-ceiling tiled spaces. Modern construction includes exposed, suspended and acoustical ceilings just to name a few.

  • Mount it in, on or down.

    Slap that baby inside the ceiling tile, attach it to a solid wall or drop it from an open ceiling. Three mounting options include flush mount with plastic housing, surface mount and VESA pole mount. All hardware is included.

  • Six individual output channels.

    These can collectively be configured with up to 32 user-defined microphone pickup zones. Plus, exclusion zones can be set to avoid sources of unwanted noise.

  • Software = simple zone configuration.

    User-friendly Digital Microphone Manager software easily configures single or multiple microphone settings.

  • Exclusion zones can be set in the software.

    Avoid unwanted sources of noise including HVAC systems.

  • Voice activity detection technology.

    The mic discerns between voices and unwanted noise, such as paper shuffling.

  • Powerful onboard DSP.

    Automix, acoustic echo cancelation, noise reduction, automatic gain control, and 4-band EQ.

  • Audio-Technica isn’t getting sued and you probably won’t get arrested. Probably.

Hear the ATND1061 For yourself

For more information or to schedule a demo of the ATND1061 Ceiling Mic Array please contact your local farmer.

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